Local Resources (testing, docs, insurance, help, etc)

Local Resources for Boulder County


Remediation, Mold and Moisture Testing, Assessment:

(I have no personal or financial interest in any of these companies.  The first three are recommended by local mold doctor, Dr. Dorninger. But please do your due diligence.)

Mike Sean Inspections  720-232-8944

Eco Treck (Phillip)  720-328-6206

Greg Weatherman

WARNING – he used to be good/knows his stuff but apparently people are having a huge time with follow up from him as of Feb 2016 (might be too busy?):
Environmental Assessment Group, LLC

Chris Watson
303-883-3750 Direct

Mark Inspections, Inc
*Mold testing company in Denver that uses a Mold Dog, as well as other testing

Carl Grimes, HHS CIEC
Healthy Habitats LLC
*Healthy House consultant, IAQ expert (on many IAQ boards), mold testing, consulting

Bob Wolner/Quest Environmental
*mold testing, other?

Colorado Enviro Assessments
Arnie Brockmeir
*mold testing, other?

Steve Annecone

Mold Testing

***EMRI  or HERTSMI testing (most recommended test now over mold plates)
Note: Petri dishes grow out mold spores. However, mold spores contain only about 20% of the mycotoxins from mold. Mold fragments contain the other 80% or so and they aren’t  detected by petri dishes or air testing. In other words, you can have a very toxic environmental with zero spores on an air test or petri dish. An ERMI by Mycometrics appears to be able to detect many of these fragments.  http://www.mycometrics.com

*[For an initial idea of whether you’re possibly dealing with toxic mold, I suggest running mycometric’s HERTSMI test kit (dust cloth) that you do yourself at home then send in for $150.  Tests top five toxic molds. There are false negatives, but not false positives. ]

Emlab (can send results from mold plates as some think this lab is better than the lab suggested on kit)
AZ 800-651-4802

Aerotech – another lab for tests

EnviroHealth Mobile Mold Inspection Service

May Dooley
Not local, but can send her samples. She will answer questions, too.
** she will look at tape test samples and I can send info on how to do that if interested

Some of her information sites:
Mold Control on a Budget at http://www.mold-control-on-a-budget.com/
Flood Clean Up Protocol

Drainage Engineering
M. Edward Glassgow, IV, P.E.
Scott, Cox & Associates, Inc.
1530 55th Street
Boulder, Colorado  80303

Nasal Testing for Mold:

If I were wondering if toxic mold was a possible issue, I would the HERTSMI test from Mycometrics, as well as a nasal swab test ($80) from:
Microbiology Dx
Tel: (781)276-4956 * Fax: (781)275-6236

Mold Doctors:

Dr. Jill Carnahan, functional medicine doctor

Dr. Eric Dorninger, naturopath

Mary Shackelton, naturapath


Tool Rental:

The Center for ReSource Conservation Tool Library is waiving its $25 membership fee until year’s end to anyone who experienced flood damage.

The Tool Library, at 6400 Arapahoe Road in Boulder, is open 9 a.m-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sunday. It offers rentals of more than 2,000 tools, with hand tools renting for under $5 a day, and electric- and gas-powered tools renting for less than $30 a day. For more information on the Tool Library, visit http://resourceyard.org/toollibrary or call Jared D’Arceyat 303-419-5418.

Donate Belongings:



Local site from people who helped with 4 Mile Fire Recovery:


Donate Money:



for more organizations including Red Cross)


Replace belongings:

  • boulderfreecycle and recyclebouldervalley at yahoo groups – online sites where you can give/receive free belongings.
  • Parenting Place also has children’s items for those in need

Housing Resources helping with flood victims:


Housing Helpers of Colorado, LLC has entered into a
partnership with local Governmental and Nonprofit Agencies to locate temporary
housing accommodations for residents displaced by the flood. It has been determined
that the greatest housing need is for rentals with 30-60 day leases. Therefore, Housing Helpers is offering a Flood Assistance Program where landlords willing to lease their rental properties to persons or families displaced by the floods on a month to month or 2 month lease term can advertise their properties with Housing Helpers for free. Landlords wishing to participate in this program can contact Housing Helpers at 303-545-6000. Housing Helpers will also advertise rooms in homes through this program. Residents displaced by the flood are also encouraged to contact Housing Helpers to be connected with participating properties. For more information call Housing Helpers at 303-545-6000, visit their website at www.housinghelpers.comor

IRS Tax Relief for Flood Victims



Gov. Hickenlooper has temporarily suspended the asbestos abatement (Reg 8) requirements for flood victims, so they may be able to remediate the asbestos in their home themselves or with a regular contractor – research


Here is a link with resources for FEMA and insurance claims

Insurance Tips for disaster survivors


United Policyholders, a nonprofit that helps the insured, giving this link:


Well Water Testing

Boulder is testing well water for free right now. Link also has info on how to disinfect wells.

Resource for Colorado Flood Victims

Very helpful links on Senator Udall’s page

Boulder’s Page for Flood Info


Scams/Fraud Reporting

Consumers who believe they may have fallen victim to one of these scams, or who have encountered an organization or person trying to defraud Coloradans, should contact the Colorado Attorney General’s office

FREE Electronics Recycling and free trips to the dump


Local dump is currently waiving fee

Landlord/Tenant Issues for mold and flooding

Landlord/Tenant handbook


Mold information for renters:

Recent flooding issues:

Local Moms list for Referrals

If you are a mom, dad or caretaker, join BoulderRocknMoms a yahoo group (go to yahoo/groups/search BoulderRocknMoms) to post questions about referrals for contractors in this area.  4000+ moms on the list.

DOCTORS who understand Mold Illness (search below names in Boulder, CO)
Jay Wilson
Helios Integrated
*Jill Carnahan
Dr. Dorninger

Salvaging Photos

Digital to Memories store offering free photo services:
The Memory Preservation Coalition (a non-profit with
the mission of educating the public about the importance of
preserving memories) opened four Memory Rescue Centers across the
greater Denver area and in Fort Collins.

Flood victims can go to any Memory Rescue Center for
information, assistance and resources to rescue their photos,
videos, films and other memorabilia. Memory Rescue Centers will
have on-site wash-and-dry stations free for use, free take-away
information on how to salvage photos and home movies, Flip-Pal
mobile scanners free for use, as well as extensive services to
digitize photos, slides, videos, film and other memorabilia at a

The Memory Rescue Centers are in Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver
and Lone Tree at the following locations:

· Memories to Digital – Boulder, 2525 Arapahoe
Ave in the Village Shopping Center near McGuckin Hardware,
303-554-7100; open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10
a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

· Memories to Digital – Lone Tree, 8481 S.
Yosemite in the Home Depot shopping center, 303-799-1677; open 10
a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

· Leave A Legacy – Fort Collins, 1827 E.
Harmony Rd, 970-226-0102; open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday and
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday.

· Leave A Legacy – Denver, 487 S. Broadway,
Suite 100 (southwest of Sam’s Club), 303-623-0607; open 10
a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

If flood survivors can’t get to a Memory Rescue Center,
they can call for advice and help over the phone, or follow
three simple steps to start the rescue process at home:

1. Clean – If covered with mud and debris, use a tub
of distilled or purified spring water to rinse photos and
videos. Very gently agitate the media to remove dirt—do
not rub them!

2. Dry or freeze

a. Dry – Blot or hang photos to dry and stand video
tapes on edge.

b. Freeze – It’s a little known fact that
freezing delays damage. Place wet items in freezer bags, store
them in the freezer, then dry and restore them in the future.

3. Digitize – Scan wet photos, being careful to wipe
the scanner glass between each use. Once dry, video tapes can be
digitized and the videos transferred to DVD or hard-drive.

Its important to get the word out to not throw away priceless
memories, even if they appear ruined. Wet and dirty photos and
videos can often be salvaged!

All of this information and more is also on the Memory Preservation Coalition website at

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