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[Please note – although I am posting information that I find generally accurate and helpful, I do not endorse nor recommend with absolute conviction every detail noted on the links, or uploaded from experts. Use your discretion with all advice, even that posted on this blog.  I have no financial interest in any of this.  I just want to prevent others from becoming ill after exposure to toxic mold. Click around on the different tabs in the menu – there are lots of resources and information to be found!]

I created this blog because, after years of personal experience, research, and communication with experts and others affected by mold issues, there is still more misinformation than not on the Internet.  After flooding emergencies, people are desperate for quick help and accurate information.  Unfortunately, places like Home Depot or even FEMA sometimes give problematic advice.  Just one example is how bleach is often advocated for clean up, even though studies and knowledgeable experts now feel that bleach not only is NOT the most effective, but it can make matters worse on a few levels. (See links for more info on that.)

Since there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about flood clean up and mold prevention and remediation that can actually lead to people getting sick, my hope is to help people quickly find accurate information and resources on properly and safely handling flood clean up and water damage.  Unfortunately, there are also a lot of “scams” that happen after massive flooding.  Inexperienced companies can do improper work that threatens occupants’ health.  Or they can overcharge people who are in desperate need of help. I provide links for Do-it-Yourselfers and also tips and links on how to hire an experienced, reputable company.

One of the greatest misunderstandings is the idea that mold needs to be “killed.”  Mold needs to be REMOVED.  Bacteria needs to be killed, but mold contaminated building materials and property should be taken out of a house.  Safely.  It is not necessary in most situations, nor recommended anymore by cutting edge experts, to use toxic chemicals after flood water, especially when nontoxic disinfectants for bacteria work better (as studies are showing).  Hopefully this blog will help prevent people from illness that is sometimes due to the clean up process itself.

There will continue to be disagreement and differing opinions on how to handle water damage and mold issues.  This is still not an exact science for multiple reasons, including how every situation is different, and every occupant has different susceptibilities.  Also, illness from toxic mold is still not widely understood by the mainstream, although the number of people affected is growing.

This blog also provides information on mold prevention, symptoms and  illness from toxic molds, mold testing, more (see MOLD tab).

I will also be posting more information on nontoxic or “less” toxic building products for reconstruction.

There is a list of local resources for Boulder, Colorado, and links for insurance, tax relief, donating, much more.  I’m not endorsing any of these referrals, only providing a list so please do your own due diligence, as you should with any of the information on this site.

My overall hope is to prevent improper handling of water damage, or improper remediation, both which can lead to mold issues and health issues.  For those who already suffer from toxic mold poisoning, I provide information on where and how to get help.

In the future, I will be adding information on preventing other toxins in your home and life.

(Coming soon…more nontoxic building materials for reconstruction, and documents about clean up and mold from experts, updates on local resources)

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